Command line

psynet.command_line.export_(ctx, exp_variables, app=None, local=False, path=None, assets='experiment', anonymize='both', n_parallel=None, docker_ssh=False, server=None, dns_host=None)[source]

Export data from an experiment.

The data is exported in three distinct formats into the ‘data/data-<app>’ directory of an experiment which has following structure:

└── data-<app>/
    ├── csv/
    ├── db-snapshot/
    └── json/

Contains the experiment data in CSV format.


Contains the zip file generated by the default Dallinger export command.


Contains the experiment data in JSON format.

psynet.command_line.export_launch_data(deployment_id, **kwargs)[source]

Retrieves dashboard credentials from the current config and saves them to disk.

psynet.command_line.log(msg, chevrons=True, verbose=True, **kw)[source]

Log a message to stdout.


To be run in an experiment directory; updates a collection of template scripts and help files to their latest PsyNet versions.

psynet.command_line.user_confirms(question, default=False)[source]

Like click.confirm but safe for using within our wrapped Docker commands.