Hello world

Source: demos/hello_world

Following programmer tradition, our first demo is as simple as possible, and simply prints “Hello world” to the user. We’ll just show the experiment.py file below, though note that the experiment directory contains various other boilerplate files too.

import psynet.experiment
from psynet.consent import NoConsent
from psynet.page import InfoPage, SuccessfulEndPage
from psynet.timeline import Timeline

class Exp(psynet.experiment.Experiment):
    label = "Hello world"

    timeline = Timeline(
        InfoPage("Hello world!", time_estimate=5),

Note the use of the timeline, which determines the order of events within the experiment. The first component of the timeline will normally be a Consent object. This is where we give the participant information about our experiment and solicit their informed consent. This is an ethical requirement for most research studies. Ordinarily each research group will have their own custom-made consent form. Here we’ve told PsyNet to skip the consent form by including a NoConsent object.

The second component is an InfoPage object. Info Pages display some text to the user. Note the time_estimate parameter: we use this to tell PsyNet that we expect the participant to spend about 5 seconds on this page. This information is used for progress bar and payment estimation.

The final component is a SuccessfulEndPage object. All PsyNet experiments must finish with some kind of End Page. Participants who reach a Successful End Page are marked as successful participants, rather than unsuccessful participants; this information is primarily used for deciding how many more participants need to be recruited.