PsyNet contains various questionnaires for doing demographic research including an implementation of the Goldsmiths Musical Sophistication Index questionnaire (GMSI).

The demos/demographics directory contains several subdirectories each pertaining to a demo with a specific subset of questions.

Questions are grouped into the three main modules General, GMSI, and PEI, whereby General has an additional level of grouping, see below.

Depending on the experiment setup, though, single questions can be arranged in whatever order necessary.

General demography

The general module contains the following PsyNet modules:

See the source code of these modules for the specific questions contained within each submodule by clicking on the submodule links above.

A demo containing all general demography questions can be found at demos/demography/general.

Goldsmiths Musical Sophistication Index (GMSI)

For background information on the GMSI, see and the latter of which contains an extensive set of resources and also tools which complement the PsyNet’s documentation.

Full version

The complete set of questions contained in GMSI can be inserted into an experiment timeline using below code snippet:

gmsi_questionnaire = GMSI()

timeline = Timeline(

The save_scores property of GMSI has to be called subsequently in order to calculate and save the scores.

See the source code for the full set of questions contained within GMSI.

Short version

There also exists a short version of the GMSI questionnaire which comprises only 29 questions. It can be added to an experiment timeline using following code snippet:

gmsi_questionnaire = GMSI(short_version=True)

timeline = Timeline(

This ‘short version’ corresponds to the short version as implemented in the psyquest/psychTestR project, see All subscales are included and from each one a certain subset of questions is selected.


There are six subscales contained within the GMSI questionnaire which are:

  • Active Engagement

  • Perceptual Abilities

  • Musical Training

  • Singing Abilites

  • Emotions

  • General

and the three additional items (subscales):

  • Instrument

  • Start Age

  • Absolute Pitch

See demos/demography/gmsi and demos/demography/gmsi_short for demos.

PEI (Confidence scale)

For measuring the confidence of a participant use the PEI module: Visit the source code for the specific questions contained in this module.

Check out demos/demography/pei for a demo.

Introductionary page

Both GMSI and PEI have an introductionary page by default the content of which can be found in the source code. To override it, an experimenter can provide an InfoPage object using the info_page argument.