Deploy tokens

There already exists a deploy token in GitLab which allows you to deploy your PsyNet experiment. But if you want to use a custom package in a deployed/sandboxed experiment, you will need to create a new deploy token.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the package repository in GitLab.

  2. Go to Settings/Repository/Deploy Tokens and click Expand.

  3. Set the name & username to however you want to refer to it. In the above examples, they were both set to ‘vowel’. (You don’t have to set the username; if you don’t, one will be assigned.)

  4. Set the expiration date. Set it to a date equal or greater than today plus the length of time you will be running experiments, e.g. a date in a few months.

  5. Enable read_repository, read_registry, and read_package_registry. You don’t have to enable the others.

  6. Press Create Deploy Token. It will show you the name, username, and deploy token. Make sure this token is saved somewhere safe; it will only be shown to you once when you create it.

The general scheme for authenticating using a deploy token is username:deploy_token.